2013 Resources

Disclaimer:  The information on this site is intended for adults working to prevent child sexual abuse. Some of the content found here is of a graphic nature.  This content is not intended for and should not be viewed by minors.

Criminal Background Checks: They’re Not all the Same (pdf) – Kristen Anderson

ACE Research and Youth Serving Organizations (pdf) – Victor Vieth

What Youth Serving Organizations Need to Know (pdf) – Victor Vieth

Juvenile-on-Juvenile Sexual Abuse (pdf) – March Chaffin

Selection, Engagement and Seduction of Children and Adults by Child Molesters (pdf) – by Cory Jewell, M.S., Patti Bailey, L.C.S.W., and Steve Jensen, M.A.

Sex Offenders: What  Youth Service Organizations and the Faith Community Should Know (pdf) – Corey Jewell Jensen, M.S.

Know the Warning Signs of Educator Sexual Misconduct (pdf) – by Charol Shakeshaft

Educator Sexual Misconduct: A Synthesis of Existing Literature (pdf) – by Charol Shakeshaft

Child Maltreatment: Report of the ATSA Task Force on Children with Sexual Behavior Problems (pdf) – Mark Chaffin