2016 Resources

Disclaimer:  The information on this site is intended for adults working to prevent child sexual abuse. Some of the content found here is of a graphic nature.  This content is not intended for and should not be viewed by minors.

What Every Youth-Serving Organization Needs to Know About Polyvictimization (pdf) – Victor Vieth, JD

Bullying: What It Is and How to Stop It in Your Program and Community (pdf) – Ingrid Donato and Maureen Perkins, MPH

Bullying Prevention: Using Federal Resources to Stop Bullying in Youth Programs (pdf) – Ingrid Donato and Maureen Perkins, MPH

What Youth-Serving Organizations Need to Know About Youth Exhibiting Questionable Behavior (pdf) – Barbara Bonner, PhD

Under a Watchful Eye: What Youth-Serving Organizations Need to Know About Personal Safety Awareness in Youth (pdf) – Alison Feigh

The Evolution of Internet Safety (pdf) – Ju’Riese Colón

What Do I Do If a Youth Tells Me He/She Is Being Abused? (pdf) – Rita Farrell

Children’s Advocacy Centers: A Natural (and Local) Partner for Youth-Serving Organizations (pdf) – Chris Newlin, MS, LPC

When Faith Hurts: The Spiritual Impact of Child Abuse (pdf) – Victor Vieth, JD

OVC Resources to Benefit Youth Protection (pdf) – Bethany Case, LCSW

Recent Developments in Thinking and Research About Protecting Children in Youth-Serving Organizations (pdf) – David Finkelhor, PhD

Youth Under Attack: Youth-Serving Organizations’ Roles in Promoting Resiliency (pdf) – Sharon Cooper, MD